Promoting the People Who Work Elections

October 30, 2022

Message themes about election workers prove effective.

Data for Democracy

As Americans head to the polls and submit their ballots, Citizen Data looked into how people perceive the people who make our elections function.

Messaging centered on election workers increased positive feelings in such areas as the intentions of election workers, election security, and elections being run fairly.

1. Americans Generally Trust Election Worker Intentions

Exposure to messaging providing context about who runs our elections, and the process they implement, resulted in 71% of respondents indicating they believed election workers have good or great intentions when operating elections. Even simply messaging about election administration in general increases positive perceptions of election workers’ intentions.

Perceptions of Election Workers

It pays off when messages center the intentions and motivations for deciding to work as an election worker.

The full results of our election worker message tests can be found in our ElectProtect platform’s Democracy Research Library. Not a subscriber? Learn more about the platform here, and schedule a demo today.

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