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America’s social fabric is coming apart while our institutions fail to respond. It seems as if the two major political parties are only interested in enhancing division across the country.

That motivates us to provide the actionable insights and tools needed to bridge divides, strengthen democracy, and solve some of our nation’s toughest modern challenges.

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Using data to solve our country’s toughest modern challenges

Providing the research, audiences, and analytics necessary to protect and strengthen American democracy.

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  • Create Political Competition

  • Elevate Truth

  • Drive Policy Solutions

  • Strengthen Communities

  • Improve Elections

  • Promote Democracy

Citizen Data Team 12/22

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Our greatest strength as a company are the people building it.

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“Citizen Data really nailed the numbers in its polling, and the team was effective and easy to work with.”

FairVote Rob Richie, president and CEO

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