Citizen Data’s Political Impact Report

A deep dive into what happened in the midterms; and where our democracy partners should focus their time and resources moving forward.

2022 Political Impact Report

As many in the electoral reform community take a victory lap, it’s critical to take a step back, deeply understand what happened in 2022, and apply the lessons learned to the 2024 elections and beyond.

Citizen Data’s research of the political landscape over the last year demonstrates that many enduring issues still exist.

We embarked on this project to examine the successes and failures of 2022 and chart a path toward more political competition, effective electoral reform, and, ultimately, a less polarizing political landscape.

This report takes a deep dive into:

  1. The issues that drove people to the polls;
  2. Pervasiveness of election denialism; and
  3. Efficacy of electoral reforms at curbing election denial.

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