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  • Determining The Civic Outlook of Young Adults in America

    Recognizing the pivotal role that young adults play in shaping the future of democracy, the Institute for Citizens & Scholars embarked on a groundbreaking research initiative in partnership with Citizen Data to create “The Civic Outlook of Young Adults in America.”

  • Bridging Divides with PACE’s Civic Language Perception Project

    Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) and Citizen Data joined forces in early 2022 to research American attitudes toward the language used by civic groups. The results were a suite of actionable insights delivered via a bespoke, user-friendly dashboard product, allowing for coordination across the pro-democracy space.

  • Determining the Viability of Final-Five Voting in Nevada

    In 2022, multiple state-based organizations gathered signatures and brought Question 3, a measure to enact Final-Five Voting (FFV) in Nevada, to the ballot. With Citizen Data’s history of research and assistance in passing a similar vote method in Alaska in 2020, we were perfectly positioned to assists with the campaign.

  • Deep Center-Right Insights Applied to New Narrative for Democracy

    In 2022, Issue One partnered with Citizen Data to construct a new, uplifting narrative around American democracy.

  • Reinventing Alaskan Elections

    In 2020, Citizen Data was commissioned by Alaskans for Better Elections to support the establishment of a new election system that gives Alaska’s diverse population more voice and representation in government. The initiative sought to enact open primaries, ranked choice voting, and donation disclosures to reduce the influence of out-of-state money.

  • Supporting a Successful First New York City RCV Election

    In 2021, FairVote turned to Citizen Data to survey the 2021 Democratic Mayoral Primary. The result of this partnership was a highly successful poll that accurately predicted, within one percentage point, the first-choice votes for former Brooklyn Borough President and frontrunner Eric Adams.