Vote by Mail Spotlight: Wisconsin

Like several other states this election, Wisconsin opted to send absentee ballot applications to all voters. Through its voter-level predictive modeling, our team has projected that 1.43M Wisconsinites will cast a mail ballot this year, with just under half of those voters opting to drop it off versus mailing it in. An estimated 1.67M voters will cast their ballots in person.

As of October 14, 1,353,610 Wisconsin voters have requested a mail ballot, and 717,164 voters have already returned it.

Registered Voters


Estimated Mail Returns


Current Mail Returns as a Percent of Estimated


Estimated In-Person Voters


Ballot request and return rates vary across the state, as expected. Dane County, which includes Madison, is both expected to see high levels of voter turnout and high levels of mail voting, with 61% choosing to vote that way. Conversely, rural counties will see the lowest levels of vote by mail. See the example of Polk County where 34% of voters are expected to vote by mail. 

Dane County, Wisconsin


Polk County, Wisconsin

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