Meet Our Growing Team

We’re gearing up for a big 2022, with significant opportunities — and challenges — ahead for data and democracy.

We’re rapidly expanding our team to:

  • Deploy an interactive dashboard product at scale to empower partners with real-time insights about American democracy, voters, and their audiences
  • Launch a centralized hub for research and communications guidance to restore trust in American elections this year and through 2024
  • Develop the datasets and roadmaps to mobilize moderate, pro-democracy coalitions on the American right and left in order to drive real political competition

Meet a few of our newest team members building with us and ready to meet the urgency of the moment:

Curt Savoie

Curt Savoie, Chief Product Officer:

As Chief Product Officer, Curt will lead the development and deployment of our products, marrying our vision with the tangible through the creative use of technology.

Curt joins Citizen after more than twenty years as a leader in the data and analytics space at organizations such as the International Data Corporation (IDC), Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and City of Boston.

“Citizen, to me, represents a unique opportunity to scale impact. By building the leader in delivering truly actionable insights, we can be a force multiplier.”

Jenna Dresner

Jenna Dresner, Senior Campaign Strategist:

As Senior Campaign Strategist, Jenna will build out Citizen Data’s political and advocacy arm, working with candidates and causes that align with Citizen Data’s mission to improve our democracy.

Jenna joins us from the California Secretary of State’s office, where she led campaigns to combat misinformation and disinformation to ensure safe and fair elections.

“During my time working in elections, I constantly asked myself: how do we make people trust that their vote counts when their trust in elections has been undermined altogether? Citizen Data is finding the answer.”

Marie Staniforth

Marie Staniforth, Social Science Researcher:

As Social Science Researcher, Marie will further develop our use of qualitative methods, to help us understand not only what individuals and groups feel about democracy but also why.

We welcome Marie to Citizen after seven years in higher education, most recently serving as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Westminster College.

“I’ve spent a lot of time researching how people with conflicting political views can engage with each other more productively. Citizen Data’s focus on promoting depolarization and democratic reform through quantitative and qualitative methods resonates with me.”

Yang Wu

Yang Wu, Junior Data Scientist:

As Junior Data Scientist, Yang will assist our data science team in building and generating insights from Citizen’s proprietary predictive models.

Yang joins us from Asian Americans Advancing Justice, where he served as a data science fellow.

“I believe we can build a much brighter future with more decisions in politics built upon a baseline of facts. To me, Citizen Data is an opportunity to have such an impact.”

We’re excited to add Craig, Curt, Jenna, Marie, and Yang to our growing team.

Are you or someone you know a good fit for Citizen? Check out our open roles.