Which Americans will work together?

Citizen’s Framework of Change theorizes that in order to understand how to bridge divides and unite people, we must first understand Americans through 4 key data layers:

In early January 2020, Citizen conducted an N=2,400 survey across live landline calls, live cell calls, and P2P texting, to take the first step towards better understanding each layer.

We defined Bridge Builders as individuals who:

  • Prefer to associate with people who have different views than their own.
  • Think their elected officials should compromise with the other side.
  • Tend to trust those who seek the views of others.
  • Have changed their views on at least one important issue in the past 4 years.

Based on our predictive modeling, roughly 44.5 million Americans are Bridge Builders, or roughly 13% of the population. Here’s what we learned about them:

  • Bridge Builders are younger than the general population. The average age of a Bridge Builder is 32, and only 9% of Bridge Builders are over 55 years of age.
  • Bridge Builders are ethnically diverse. Bridge Builders are 40% non-white overall (compared with the general voting population, which is 30% non-white). Bridge Builders also are 7% more Hispanic-American than the registered voting population.
  • Bridge Builders are independent-minded. A plurality of the Bridge-Builders audience identifies as Non-Partisan, and overall, they’re less Republican than the general electorate.

Learn more about Bridge Builders here.