American Right Democracy Roadmap Report

Earlier this year, Citizen began comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the modern American Right, examining attitudes towards Authoritarianism, QAnon, Voting & Elections, COVID-19, and Climate Change. 

This report summarizes our findings and affirms our initial hypothesis that while political polarization puts our democracy at increasing risk, opportunities exist for Citizen partners to reach pragmatic voters on the Right and engage them in efforts to strengthen democracy and address other pressing national issues. Moreover, we can identify and innoculate those right-of-center most vulnerable to disinformation. 

And as a result of this effort, we’ve identified three distinct segments: a democracy-friendly mobilization group that is concerned about the state of our country and open to new ideas; a semi-open group that may be targeted for persuasion, and a threat group that is hardest to reach and resistant to other views.

These audiences are now available for Citizen partners, along with a unique voter model library — including Pro-Democracy and QAnon-Susceptible Republicans — for individual level targeting and persuasion. 

Whether your goal is understanding, identifying, persuading, engaging, or mobilizing, the data developed as a result of this work will allow our partners to advance consensus policy solutions to pressing societal problems and advocate across the political spectrum. Collaborating with partner organizations on various communications efforts, our data is an important tool to bridge divides and drive progress. 

Read the full report: American Right Democracy Roadmap here