A Time for Unity

America is hurting. Under normal circumstances, it’s far from a data company’s role to offer such straightforward commentary on current events, but now is not the time for silence.

At Citizen, we condemn racism in all forms, as well as the police brutality and systemic oppressions that stem from it. The horrific murder of George Floyd was unjustifiable, and alarmingly, it’s far from the first time in recent weeks that a person has been unjustly targeted for the color of their skin. Americans, particularly black Americans, have every right to be infuriated, and we support them. 

In the backdrop of these unmistakable tragedies, our country was already standing on shaky ground: hyper-polarized and divided, facing a global pandemic and historically high unemployment rates. It should come as no surprise that Americans of all walks of life are erupting with anger, fear, and sorrow. 

Unity is needed urgently, and that starts with every American asking themselves what they can do to fix things. 

For our part, we are committed to supporting our partners as they pursue ways to bridge divides, heal communities, promote leaders, and work together across differences — inside and outside of the office. On behalf of everyone suffering at this time, we will continue working every day toward a brighter, more equitable future in America. 

the Citizen team