A note on COVID-19

From the rapidly-spreading coronavirus to a sputtering global economy, these are trying times.

Viruses don’t see red or blue; pandemics aren’t partisan. In order for our country to successfully fight the coronavirus, it’s clear that we must transcend partisanship and other ideological divides and come together to drive meaningful solutions that improve people’s lives.

At Citizen, we believe that data can and will play in integral role not only in combating COVID-19 (and the inevitable economic fallout), but in facilitating meaningful cross-partisan progress across a number of other modern challenges of today and tomorrow.

Much of this work won’t happen in person: in fact, right now, the best way to mobilize audiences is on the phone, via text, or online. Right now, Americans at home are tuned in and ready to act with purpose. Under these unique circumstances, powerful datasets and analytics will allow organizations to effectively reach the right people, at the right time, in the right ways.

From time-sensitive issues like expanded vote at home or countless other cross-partisan concerns like criminal justice, sustainability, or defense accountability, Citizen’s work to date has prepared us for this uniquely challenging moment. Whether it’s our proprietary audience universes or our cutting-edge survey research and message testing, we’re set to continue empowering our partners with the data, analysis and insights they need to bridge divides, unite people, and achieve change.

Neighbor-to-neighbor, colleague-to-colleague, American-to-American, we determine the what the post-coronavirus future looks like. Let’s work together and use data to build a healthier America.

Stay safe,

the Citizen team