Our Founding Team

Mindy Finn, Founder & CEO Citizen founder and civic entrepreneur who has led large-scale efforts to improve politics, polarization, and voting through her extensive non-profit and for-profit career.
Rebecca Coffman
Rebecca Coffman, Chief Operating Officer Founding executive of Citizen who has spent her career building digital and data capabilities for leading philanthropic communities and issue advocacy organizations.
Curt Savoie
Curt Savoie, Chief Product Officer Civic tech leader with over two decades of experience directing product development and large-scale data efforts for corporations and government agencies.
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis, Chief Revenue Officer Senior executive leader with over two decades of experience in growth at data-driven corporations, including J.D. Power, Hyundai Capital, and JP Morgan Chase.
Kyle Redfield
Kyle Redfield, Data Scientist Veteran data scientist with deep programming and machine learning experience, most recently leading research projects at Medicare and the United States Postal Service.
Marie Staniforth
Marie Staniforth, Social Science Researcher Democracy expert and qualitative researcher with academic experience, including serving as a former Assistant Professor of Political Science.
Peter Vining
Peter Vining, Social Science Researcher Quantitative researcher and seasoned scholar with deep knowledge of the intersection of democracy, extremism, and polarization.
Yang Wu
Yang Wu, Junior Data Scientist Versatile data scientist supporting on critical Citizen product development; alumnus of Kenyon College.
Jenna Dresner
Jenna Dresner, Senior Campaign Strategist Political and strategic communications professional, expert at leading research-backed campaigns to combat mis- and disinformation for safe and fair elections, and more.
RJ DeMello
RJ DeMello, Director of Digital Content Digital media expert with extensive experience running digital marketing operations for non-profit and for-profit organizations, including Columbia University.
Ananya Panda
Ananya Panda, Partner Success Manager Accomplished campaign professional with a demonstrated history of skilled client-relationship and project management; alumna of Catalist and the Tuesday Company.
Grayson Wormser
Grayson Wormser, Operations Manager Dedicated operations and project management professional with a background in political campaigns and issue advocacy efforts.

We’re Hiring

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